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DentCare1 Smile
believes in creating The Natural Smile..
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Cosmetic Services

Contact your local Smile Team in Nottingham, Boston, Lincoln to book your Cosmetic Consultation

Designer Smile

DentCare1 Smile believes in creating a Natural Youthful Look when restoring the mouth whether to match with existing teeth, rejuvenating the smile, or rejuvenating the face. We believe in creating an appearance that provides harmony between the teeth, gums, lips and face.

Implants Dentistry

For people with missing teeth we finally have ‘screw in teeth’, dental titanium implants placed in the bone to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made from surgical grade titanium, which over a period of four to nine months actually fuse to the bone in the jaw and thus form firm support for a tooth replacement. Dental implants are a conservative solution to most dental problems in which one or more teeth are missing.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be a highly effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surfaces. It cannot make a complete colour change but it will lighten the existing shade. Results depend on the original colour of your teeth. There are ranges of tooth whitening agents and techniques for home use or in surgery that can be used to lighten the colour of discoloured or stained teeth. (

White Fillings

With modern materials available it is now possible to place tooth coloured fillings into your mouth so that you no longer have black fillings that discolour the appearance of your teeth. The removal of amalgam fillings that contain Mercury is safely carried out and replaced with composite restorations made in the mouth or in the laboratory. The fillings are easier to maintain you are able to eat straight away without waiting and the cosmetic appearance is similar to your natural teeth.


If you have chipped or stained teeth veneers can be used to improve the colour and shape of the teeth. They are made of thin wafers of porcelain, which is then fixed, to the underlying tooth with special cements. It is similar to attaching false fingernails. The cosmetic results achievable today with newer materials are very natural.


For teeth with very large fillings and to improve the contour and shape of the teeth crowns are an ideal solution. It involves adjusting the shape of the underlying tooth to be able to fit a ‘cap’ over the tooth with special cements. Crowns can be used as individual units or multiple units to recreate a new smile.


A Bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. A Bridge will keep teeth from drifting into the space created from a missing tooth and help preserve normal function and normal bite for the jaw joint. A Bridge is usually anchored to the teeth on both sides of the space from the missing tooth. This gives the bridge strong support.


A Denture replaces one or more missing teeth. Unlike a Fixed Bridge, it is removable. A denture will prevent other teeth from shifting, preserving your remaining teeth. There are different designs of dentures, made from Cobalt Chrome for rigidity, Flex Dentures made from Nylon type material. Full dentures stability can be greatly improved by the placement of simple implants making them very cost effective.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers replenish the skin’s collagen layer, smoothing lines and wrinkles, and adding definition to lip borders from the inside out. It can also be used to increase the size of the lips, giving a ‘bee stung appearance’ as seen in models and other celebrities. These results are immediate.

Botulinum (Botox)

Botulinum is administered by injecting it into a specific facial muscle where it acts as a muscle relaxant. It is most effective in improving lines and wrinkles such as worry lines, frown lines on forehead and between the eyebrows, smile lines , crows feet.

Expert Services

Contact your local Smile Team in Nottingham, Boston, Lincoln to book your Expert Services Consultation

Minor Oral Surgery

For patients requiring surgical treatment such as the removal of wisdom teeth, Apicectomy, difficult extractions, removal of soft tissues. Dentcare1Smile provides a professional and relaxed atmosphere to carry out these procedures.

Implants Dentistry

For people with missing teeth we finally have ‘screw in teeth’, dental titanium implants placed in the bone to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made from surgical grade titanium, which over a period of four to nine months actually fuse to the bone in the jaw and thus form firm support for a tooth replacement. Dental implants are a conservative solution to most dental problems in which one or more teeth are missing.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy involves the treatment of gum disease as well as gum recon touring to create healthy looking gums to enhance the appearance of the teeth. Gum Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. More importantly, the infection releases toxins into the bloodstream leading to serious health risks such as Stroke, Diabetes, and Heart Disease etc.

If you notice any of the following warning signs of periodontal disease, please contact your nearest smile Team and ask for a periodontal evaluation.

  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding when brushing (pink toothbrush) or at other times
  • Aching, itchy, sore or tender gums
  • Receding gums (teeth beginning to look longer)
  • Bad breath
  • Any change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite
  • Loose, separating, or protruding teeth
  • Spaces between teeth


Teeth straightening using a varied range of braces. By using fixed or removable braces bucked, crooked, tilted teeth can be straightened and aligned to create a balanced look by itself or in combination with other types of treatment. Treatment is available from the age to 6 upwards.


Sedation is provided for anxious and phobic patients to make the treatment visit as comfortable and pleasant and possible. Sedation is also used for traumatic procedures such as minor oral surgery and implants. Patients have found the experience very pleasant with the added bonus of not remembering the procedure

The Smile Team is highly experienced and trained to the latest guidelines to make your sedation journey safe and effective.

If you are anxious about having any dental treatment then contact your nearest Smile Team for a consultation

The Sedation referral service is highly successful with practitioners referring patient from across the East Midlands, in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

If you are interested in referring your anxious patients for treatment under sedation then forward the online expert services referral form

Home Visits / Domiciliary Service

Services for Care Homes and Private home
Improving the Quality of Oral Care in Your Home

The pressure to improve the care for your residents has never been greater. With the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010 and the Care Quality Commission to make dental and oral care a priority in care homes. The responsibility rests with you to provide effective solutions for ensuring that the dental and oral health of your residents is well managed. We at Dentcare1 Smile understand the challenge you face and are hear to help you provide quality oral health care for your residents. Work with us and help improve your residents’ lives by improving the quality of their dental and oral health.

A natural, healthy smile is one of the most attractive feature residents can possess. Many people are embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth and gums which can affect their general health. Partner with us and your residents will get effective dental and oral solutions to help preserve and promote their dentition. Leaving them with the confidence to eat, talk and smile among friends, recapturing the confidence of the past.

To book a Preliminary Visit to Your Home to discuss your residents needs. Contact your local Smile Team in Nottingham, Boston, and Lincoln

Smile Plan from £2 / month

Welcome to Dentcare1Smile Plan

We are delighted to offer our own membership scheme, Dentcare1 Smile Plan which allows us to provide you with the treatment and support you require for your oral health.

The cost for the Smile plan range from £2 - £8.00 / month. Membership also gives discounts for additional family members, a 50% discount for children under sixteen and 75% for children below six years. Smile Plan also gives you a discount of 15% on items of treatment not covered by the plan.

We believe prevention is better than cure and the Smile Plan encourages regular attendance. Membership gives you peace of mind by spreading the cost of your care over the year.

In addition, the Practice is insured for Dental Accident and Emergency Cover. Therefore, by joining this scheme you will effectively be covered, in most instances, should you have an accident which requires dental treatment. Please refer to the Accident and Emergency policy wording for full details.

Participating in our scheme gives you all the benefits of private affordable dental treatment

Contact your local Smile Team in Nottingham, Boston, Lincoln to book your Cosmetic Consultation.

0% Finance

Dentcare1 Smile now offers easy ways to pay for your dental treatment with finance assistance from Finance First

Our funding options can assist you in achieving the SMILE you want without having to wait – please ask for details Avoid any continued discomfort , Prevent deterioration and Enjoy the SMILE you want now with Six Easy steps

  • Discuss your treatment with Dentcare1 Smile Team
  • Arrange a payment plan to suit your circumstances
  • Complete a simple application form
  • Sign the agreement
  • Start Your treatment
  • The agreed monthly payment will be collected by direct debit

Contact your local Smile Team in Nottingham, Boston, Lincoln to book your Cosmetic Consultation

Smile Brite Tooth Whitening

Welcome to Dentcare1 SmileBrite

We’ll have you smiling in one visit
Teeth whitening by Dentists from £195

Teeth whitening can transform your life make you look and feel healthy everyday. Patients who have visited Dentcare1 SmileBrite suites and had the treatment have had their teeth and lives transformed.

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without damage. Dentcare1 SmileBrite suites are staffed by fully qualified dentists and support staff ensuring all treatments carried out are at the highest levels.

Our Suites

  • Our Suites are well equipped and stress free.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer any questions.
  • We can provide a free consultation with a dentist.
  • Once treatment has been carried out, we will talk you through how to look after your sparkling new teeth.

Contact your local Smile Brite Team in Nottingham, Boston, Lincoln to book your Smile Brite Consultation

Smile Price Guide

Services Price
EXAMINATION From £21.00 to £35
RADIO GRAPHS From £15 to £30
ORAL HYGIENE From £40 for scaling and polishing
PERIODONTAL TREATMENT For advanced gum treatment dependent on time
ROOT TREATMENT From £220 for a single canal
EXTRACTIONS From £80 for a planned extraction
SURGERY From £145 for wisdom teeth
CROWNS AND INLAYS From £330 to £650 on the type of crown
VENEERS From £285
DENTURES From £630 depending on materials and technique
IMPLANTS From £1430 for a single implant plus attachment
ORTHODONTICS From £306 for a removable appliance to £670 for a fixed
ANTI-AGING From £225
SEDATION From £205
A1 Dental Studio

Welcome to A1 Dental Studio...

A1 Dental Studio first opened in 2003 and we have been devoted to sculpting beautiful smiles ever since. We work in very close partnership with our clients to gain maximum customer satisfaction. Good communication with our clients is also an integral part of our philosophy. Our reputation is built upon constantly improving the quality of our service by upgrading our skills, technology and techniques. We utilise new precision procedures and use the finest materials available to create refined restorations by using the latest technology. We work closely with well known and respected clinicians including restorative specialists. We are also able to advise on a wide range of solutions and provide written plans and quotations. A1 Dental Studio is a long standing, reputable and reliable company.

  • Implants
  • Veneers/Inlays
  • Zirconium crowns
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Flexible Dentures
  • Chrome Dentures
  • Repairs and Relines
  • Occlusal work
  • Orthodontics

Contact the A1 Dental Studio Team to discuss your requirements

Complimentary Services

LINCOLN :Beauty Angel - the place where we will do everything to make you feel special!

Angela Piasecksa – The proprietor of Beauty Angel is passionate about Beauty and Cosmetics. and believes in making you feel special.

She is a qualified beautician with a passion for her work. Experience and knowledge are her strongest advantages. Certificates of Angelas’ qualifications and completed training courses are available at the Beauty Angel consultation room.

Angela has had extensive training and education in cosmetics and regularly takes part in various training courses, which is illustrated in the quality and range of services provided.

She is also an editor of “Health and Beauty” column in "Gazeta Polonia” magazine in which she shares knowledge and experience on Health and Beauty.

Angela also has the appropriate training as an instructor and trains individuals to become beauticians.

If you want to succeed in Health and Beauty. Sign up for Angelas’ introductory course today.

The first course will be held after 20th September 2014!

Contact the Beauty Angels team to discuss your requirements


NOTTINGHAM : Penelope Pitstop Mobile Beauty

My name is Charlene Smith and I’ve been doing beauty therapy for 4 years now and I am fully qualified with level 2 and 3 beauty therapy.

Throughout my career I’ve worked in 4 different beauty environments from doing salon work, doing treatments for hen parties, working in hotels and teeth whitening, after working in all these environments I wanted to explore a more flexible approach on beauty and to fulfil this I decided to do mobile beauty. I passed my driving test and got myself a car named Penelope punto which is where I got the name Penelope Pitstop Mobile Beauty.

I am very passionate about beauty and always have been! I always put 100% into everything I do.

Contact the Charlene Smith Mobile Beauty Therapist to discuss your requirements


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