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Dentcare1 Smile Cosmetic Treatment Patients guide

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Cosmetic Treatment Price
Examination From £30 to £171 for a full consultation
X-Rays From £22 for small
Oral Hygiene From £52.00 for scaling and polishing
Peridontal / Gum Treatment From £102
Fillings From £94 cosmetic white
Root Canal Treatment From £303 for a single canal
Extractions From £111 for a planned extraction
Surgery From £204 for wisdom teeth
Crowns And Inlays From £369 to £769 on the type of crown
Bridges From £534 to £675 on the type of crown
Veneers From £363
Dentures From £777 depending on materials and technique
Implants From £1650 for a single implant plus attachments and crown
Orthodontics / Teeth Stratening From £413 For a removable appliance to £875 for a fixed
Youthful Skin / Lips From £286
Mouth Guards From £93
Teeth Whitening From £221
Bleaching From £255
Relaxation / Sedation From £226
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