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DentCare1 Smile
believes in creating The Natural Smile..
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Dear Raj Mistry and Lauren. YOU HAVE BEEN AMAZING. Thank You very much for your empathy during my treatment, I can now Smile again with confidence.

Dear Smile Team. Thank You very much. It has taken a while but it has been worthwhile having the implants in the upper jaw... I can now smile with confidence and for the first time in a very long time I was able to eat an apple.

Dear Lincoln Smile Team. I am now smiling with confidence. Wish I had the smile makeover done earlier. My social life is getting better AL Lincoln

Dear Dentcare1 Smile. I am a nervous patient and was encouraged by my mother to get help. I had let my self go since the divorce and had lost my self esteem. You recreated my smile again using crowns and bridges. People have noticed that I am smiling a lot more and I am regaining my self confidence.

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